Go Digital




Dear Doctor,

How long have you been thinking about “Going Digital”? What system should I choose?

What laboratory will work best with my new digital workflow?

Should I utlize a lab that gives me a FREE IOS?? (Maybe, Read #4!)


  • Did you know that MOST labs that offer a free scanner utlize AI to design your patient’s teeth.
  • Did you know they are designed in 90 seconds for $3.50!
  • Did you know AI is NOT recommended for anterior or bridges for it’s just not good enough?!
  • Did you know these type labs do it anyway!
  • Did you know if they choose to not use AI, their designers are graphic artists and NOT dental technicians!
  • Did you know almost every CHEAP crown is cheap for a reason? You get what you paid for!

Be very careful whom you choose as a partner in your restorative success.

Let’s start here: All IOS systems are NOT created equal! Neither are laboratories.

We receive digital IOS files every day and have been for several years. We see the good, the bad and the ugly, every day!

Being so, we can help guide you through this decision AND if you already are digital…we can help make the communication between laboratory and practice seamless while providing an OPTIMAL restoration.

So, why choose Gardali Advanced Restorative & ImplantONE as your digital partner?

  • We KNOW IOS systems. ALL of them. We can help guide you choose the best option.
  • We understand communication: We are in the very final stages of streamlining our IOS to laboratory communications. Our “system” will work synergistically with your practice management software. WHY? Because we know how critical communication is to patient restorative success.
  • We do NOT Hire graphic artists to design teeth! Most laboratories hire employees that are “Good with a computer” and teach them to pick restorations out of a digital library. And you can see it. We have CERAMISTS that were brush lickers and trained to be mouse clickers. What do you get…Digitally Designed / Artisan Perfected restorations.
  • We provide financial support! Yes, we are finalizing agreements with several IOS vendors allowing us to provide YOUR practice with an IOS system PAID FOR by us partially or IN-FULL! However, we will NOT design these restorations any differently than our others. You have MY WORD.

So, why work with the “Walmart of Dental labs” (Most are that offer scanners) if you can still utilize IOS and get gorgeous, anatomically correct restorations NOT chosen from a library??

What’s next? Call or visit us online to request a Doctor Resource Kit. You can compare MOST of the IOS scanners on the market here: https://www.dentalcompare.com/Dental-Digital-Imaging-Dental-Imaging/4875-3D-Camera-Systems-Digital-Impression-Systems/

Thank YOU and take care,

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· Contact Align Technology directly (800-577-8767) to add Gardali Advanced Restorative to your list of “Favorite Labs”

· Select “Sync Configuration” under settings

· Send case and scan data by hitting “Send” on the screen