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How to OPTIMIZE & SIMPLIFY communication between Lab & Doctor:

Dear Doctor, Why is improved communication so CRITICAL?

1. Avoidable phone calls to and from the Dental laboratory are CO$TLY to us BOTH & causes delays.

2. Remakes / adjustments due to a lack of information are detrimental to everyone.

3. Errors due to communication “lost in translation” between staff, Doctor and tech. are CO$TLY. What simple changes are truly GAME CHANGERS?

Provide the following:



 Accurate bite registration.

 Surgeon’s letter if applicable. b. Involve the lab in case-planning / pre-op. Especially for Implants supported restorations.

Legibly fill-out the RX COMPLETELY.

• Material / restoration choice.

• Restoration Shade & stump shade

• Doctor & Patient specific preferences.

• Patient Appointment date & TIME.

• Your PHONE # and/or email address. d. NEVER utilize a triple tray. Provide a full-arch, monophase impression.

Check the case on the model PRIOR to the patient appointment.

Contact us with any concern.

In the case of a possible remake. Contact us immediately, BEFORE the patient leaves. We may be able to help you seat the case with some minor chair-side adjustments OR we may need a NEW bite or impression.

Let’s get that data BEFORE the patient leaves!

These simple changes will improve over-all case success while making the process less cumbersome.

Thank-you Doctor,

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