What we DON'T do


Digitally Designed | Artisan Perfected.

Let me share with you what we DON’T do.

This may sound “odd” to you for most laboratories are aggressively competing for accounts. They typically “compete” by dropping fees. Have you ever asked yourself, WHY a Dental laboratory would need to do such things?? I don’t think I have to tell you.

We have maintained a VERY strong retention rate since the mid 1950’s and typically our only new accounts come from a referral basis.

We do NOT...

  • Hire graphic artists to design teeth!: Most laboratories hire technicians that are “Good with a computer” and teach them to pick restorations out of a digital library. And you can see it. We have CERAMISTS that were brush lickers and trained to be mouse clickers. What do you get....Digitally Designed / Artisan Perfected restorations.
  • Negotiate or discount fees: We price our restorations fairly based on material, value and expertise. We know your chair-side time is critical and the MOST costly expense you have. We will reduce seating time while providing clinically sound restorations that change people’s lives. No discount required. You get what you pay for.
  • Fabricate non-authentic implant abutments: EVERY custom abutment we design and mill is OEM. Absolutely ZERO wiggle room on this. Whatever implant you place will have the OEM abutment along with it. Period.
  • “Just make the case”: If we receive an impression (Traditional or IOS) that is not ideal, an unclear RX or a complicated case, we will communicate with you before moving forward. NO guessing.
  • LIE & Deceive: We know (As you do) laboratories LIE about material. We provide 1000% documentation and transparency for ALL materials from Zirconia to Lithium Disilicate to alloys. What it is and where it originated.
  • Ignore Dentistry: Communication is key when we see variables in a treatment plan. I.E. We ask for photos of ALL cases in the anterior. This helps our ceramists dial-in on shade, value, color, translucency and any other patient specific characteristics. Furthermore, sometimes we need to ask what the treatment plan is for opposing or adjacent teeth. Most labs simply don’t care, don’t understand it or won’t take the time to ask. It matters!
  • Limit you to all-ceramic: Yes...we still do PFM’s! If you prefer a knife, feather or a chamfer prep opposed to a shoulder, a PFM is the answer. If you’re restoring next to a previously restored PFM, Zirconia will NEVER match OR you just prefer them. We do PFM’s and we do them well.

What’s next?

  • Send us a case. I can tell you all about the laboratory and all of it is pointless if we don’t deliver.
  • Send us a case. Let’s PROVE it to you, your patients and your practice.

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Thank YOU and take care,

  • Paul Intino
  • Gardali Advanced Restorative & ImplantONE
  • Owner / President

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